About me

If you know me, you will know that I have been a high level fighter since the age of 13.

If you don’t know me, you are more than welcome to get to know me through this blog, because beside training and competing, i also have a passion for writing.

I have written a number of articles for various online Sports and Combat sites, which have been read and received well by a large audience, in and outside of the fight game.

I write and speak with honesty, integrity and with an absence of pride, that may be seen as rare in such a machismo sport.

I’ve practised, competed and achieved much, in a number of combat sports, over a 27 year period…It was Freestyle Karate where I found my passion, professional boxing in which it continued   and in later years, a combination of these skills and experience’s, which I took into the cage, as an MMA fighter…..

This blog is where I am going to share my stories about my time as a fighter, the ups and downs, the fun and games, the joy and the pain. I’ll talk about practical stuff like nutrition and training, I’ll talk about the psychological and emotional side of the fight game, I’ll talk about the people and the places… and all life lessons that I have learned an continue to learn from my time as a fighter.

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