Dead Head Doormen


Not all doormen are juiced up Neanderthals with dodgy tans and warrior tats.
In fact, of the team of around 30 I manage there isn’t one who fits that stereotype.
Cringeworthy behaviour and machismo isn’t our thing, we would much rather help than hurt or hinder.
After an all nighter on the door, I often post on FB the topics of conversation we debate as doormen.
It makes me buzz to welcome the young intellectuals on student nights as we test one another to welcome them with our best vocabularies and etiquette, engaging them on subjects on which they no doubt imagine we have no clue at all.
If you have seen the film ‪Good Will Hunting‬ when Matt Damon’s character is in the bar and he shocks those who think he is a lesser mind with some deep understandings, you will have an image in mind of the picture I am painting. Not that we are all savant mathematicians you understand…
So what do thick as f**k, dead-head Doorman discuss as they stand on a club door in Liverpool all night long?
In no particular order but on regular occasions :

* Philosophy
* Mindfulness
* Meditation
* The education system
* Dysfunctional families
* Relationship issues
* Quantum physics
* Politics
* Grounding
* Law
* Medicine
* Pharmaceutical industries
* Health
* Wellbeing
* Children
* Our roles as fathers
* Our roles as partners
* Addictions
* Social decline
* Debauchery
* Greed
* Lust

And all the other deadly sins and topics, men who have lived lives of experience understand.
So next time you observe a group of doormen chatting on a club door, don’t assume they are talking about sex, fighting and which are the best steroids to enhance their physiques.
Instead get closer and listen in, you may learn something interesting.